De onderstaande gebruiksaanwijzing is ook te vinden op de achterkant van de eeltsokken verpakking. Volg deze instructies nauwkeurig op voor een optimaal resultaat.
Wash your feet and dry them thoroughly.
Remove the packaging from the exfoliating socks by cutting along the dotted line.
Sit comfortably and put the socks on your feet.
Use the sticky fasteners to tighten the socks around your ankles to ensure that your feet are in contact with the gel.
Sit back and relax for 60 minutes. Do not walk around while wearing the exfoliating socks.
After 60 minutes, remove the exfoliating socks and dispose of them. Rinse your feet thoroughly with warm water.
Be patient; the callused skin on your feet will start to shed after 3-5 days Shedding can continue for 7 days.
Note: When using the Mint variant, this can give an extra tingling sensation during the 60 minutes. This does not harm and is a side-effect of the mint.

Did you use the foot masks? Check out the additional tips what you can do to stimulate the process.


Keep out of reach of children – Store at room temperature – Do not use if you have wounds, warts or sensitive skin – Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding – Diabetics should consult their doctor before using this product – This is a single-use product.

If this product causes irritation, a burning sensation or any other unpleasant symptom on the skin, stop using this product. Avoid prolonged and overuse.

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Read the instructions for the foot masks carefully for an optimal result!


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