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This is perfect! The skin must dry out to begin the shedding process. Therefore, DO NOT use creams, this does not help the shedding process.

The tingling is normal and also good. The salicylic acid that causes the shedding is an oil that impregnates into the calluses. We also sell the fragrance variant Mint and this can cause an extra tingling which is due to the mint characteristics.

Each foot is different and because we all have different DNA, it can happen that the shedding process is a little tougher. If you have a relatively large amount of callused skin on your feet, you may need to perform the treatment twice. After 7 days nothing happened or is there still (too) much calluses under your feet? Try again after 10 days with a new exfoliating foot mask. It is also advisable to soak your feet well in warm water every day, this stimulates the shedding process.

The salicylic acid component may be used to a small extent during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Everything you put on and in your skin ends up in the feeding cycle with your child. Salicylic acid is present to a small extent in our product; however, we recommend in this that it is better to avoid any problems.

Talk to the doctor if this is possible. The ingredient salicylic acid is important in this.

We recommend not using this product if you have an open skin. So do not use it with wounds, eczema, warts, etc.

For most people the shedding process starts after 3 days (sometimes 5 days) and can last up to 7 days. Don’t you like the shedding process? Rub with your hands as much as possible during your showers. Don’t force it with other anti-calluses devices.

Most people will have their callus layer disappeared after the first treatment. The next time that you can repeat the treatment varies per person. It depends on how much the feet are being exposed and therefore how quickly callus will come back. But you will be able to easily repeat the callus after 3-4 months.

Do you still have calluses after the first treatment? This can sometimes happen; then repeat again after 10 days from the previous shedding process..

Depending on what you expose your feet with (exercising, walking barefoot, open shoes, sweating), your feet should stay soft and pleasant for 3 months with ease.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate and send us an email to [email protected].

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