The following terms and conditions apply to offering, selling, shipping and ordering the products via the webshop is the party that sells the product and sends it to the buyer via the webshop on The buyer is a private customer (not a business customer) who places an order with via the webshop on

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    1. Product usage
      1. does not accept any liability for damages caused by improper usage of the products.
      2. guarantees that the goods meet the specifications stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of reliability and / or usability.
      3. provides clear instructions on how to use the product and indicates for whom the product is (possibly) not intended. The buyer is responsible for following these instructions.
    2. Order
      1. Deliveries of goods are only made via the checkout of the webshop, unless otherwise agreed between and the buyer.
      2. What is sent accidentally may be returned free of charge by the buyer, not to keep it, free of charge, unless there is an obvious error, the dispatch is accountable to the buyer.
      3. In the event of an error, the buyer will inform If and to the extent that they are able to, the buyer shall keep the goods and documents at the disposal of The buyer will do or refrain from doing anything that requires reasonableness and fairness.
    3. Delivery of goods
      1. will take the utmost care when receiving and carrying out orders of the products.
      2. The place of delivery shall be the specified address entered by the buyer during checkout or last disclosed to, unless otherwise agreed.
      3. is not responsible for incorrect addresses provided by the buyer. However, will do its best to change an address if this has been reported on time (before 16:00) by the buyer.
      4. will handle accepted orders as soon as possible but at least within 2 working days. If the delivery is either due to (temporarily) out of stock or is delayed for other reasons, or if an order cannot be executed or can only be partially executed, the buyer will receive a message no later than 2 days after placing the order. In that case, the buyer has the right to cancel the order at no cost. This only reduces the processing time of the order and not the shipping time (see 3.6).
      5. The responsibility and risk of damage and/or loss of the goods rest with until delivery (deposited in the buyer’s letterbox), unless otherwise agreed.
      6. Shipping is carried out by PostNL and commissioned by Shipments are made with a Track & Trace number. The buyer may contact PostNL in case of problems. If a shipment lasts longer than 5 business days, please contact Reimbursements due to errors in shipping are reviewed per individual case.
    4. Payment
      1. The amounts due by the buyer must be paid in full (100%) beofre delivery. Unless the payment method (i.e. Klarna) is different.
      2. The buyer has a duty to report inaccuracies in information provided or mentioned without delay. If an incorrect address is provided, is not liable for loss of the order or its resulting costs.
      3. In case the payment method via Klarna and or Credit Card (pay on credit) is completed, the finalisation of this payment will be between the buyer and the credit company.
    5. Return policy: read here our Return Policy.

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