The following privacy policy includes the data collection that takes place when our website,, is being visited.

The Terms and Conditions regarding the sale can be found on our Terms and Conditions page.

    1. Who we are
      Our website is and is part of Cosmetixe Europe and our correspondence address is:
      Keurenplein 41
      Box D2709
      1069CD ASMTERDAM
      [email protected]

      The Netherlands
    2. Which personal data do we collect and why do we collect it?
      1. Customer reviews
        If you, as a visitor, leave a comment (customer rating on a product) then we collect the data shown in the form, the IP address and the browser user agent (metadata) might be collected to protect us from potential spam.
        After your comment is approved, your completed name and comment will be publicly visible in the contact of your comment. Email address, IP address, browser user agent are not publicly visible.
      2. Cookies
        Cookies are placed when you visit the site. These are tracking cookies for Google Analytics and Google AdWords, to give us an idea of who our audience is.
        When you have chosen a product, cookies are placed to remember the product that may be displayed during checkout, or when you return to the online store at a later time.
        Cookies can be removed from your browser at any time, see more information on how to achieve this here How to delete cookies?
        Be aware: we only use cookies to exchange data with Google, no other third parties are involved.
      3. Analytics
        As previously stated, Google Analytics and Google AdWords is used. This is only used for analysis purposes. Data available during your visit is: location, browser, device. During checkout, the total price and product name will be shared with Google Analytics. Information such as address, name, email address, and payment information is not shared with Google.
      4. Ads
        When you entered our web shop via Google Ads (personal advertisement), personal data from your order and IP-data will be shared with Google. More information about this can be found at Google: HOW GOOGLE USES INFORMATION
    3. Who we share your data with?
      Data that we collect regarding your order will only be shared with the payment authority (Mollie BV) and the carrier (PostNL BV) in order to carry out the order. As explained at paragraph 2.4 information and data of your visit is being shared with Google and no other third parties are involved in these data.
    4. How long we keep your data?
      When you leave a response/customer review, that response and the metadata of that comment will be kept forever. In this way, we can automatically recognise and approve follow-up response instead of moderating it. The details of your order will also be kept for at least 5 years for administration purposes.
    5. What are your rights over your data?
      The personal information is retained as a financial transaction that you have made with us. You may send us a request that we delete all personal information we have of you, if this is possible for administrative, legal or security purposes.

Do you have any questions on this subject? Please contact us.