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1 pair of exfoliating foot masks / one-size-fits-all / EN packaging

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The package comes with English and Dutch instructions.

Experience smooth soft feet again within 10 days by letting the calluses of your feet shed naturally with these exfoliating foot masks. The foot masks are available in 3 different fragrances; mint, avocado and chamomile. Regardless of the smell, they all function the same way Read more…

Choose your scent:

Tip: do you have relatively a lot of calluses? Then order 2 pairs of foot masks.

Shipping costs

You can combine the different scents.

1 foot mask = €3.49

2 foot masks = €2.49

3 foot masks = €1.49

4 foot masks = FREE


Payment is made via the well-known Dutch payment system Mollie and you can pay through the following ways: iDeal, Credit Card, Klarna Pay Later, Apple Pay and S€PA bank transfers.

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Delivery is carried out by PostNL from Tuesday to Saturday. Delivery time is within 2 working days. You can follow your order and it fits through the letterbox, so you don’t have to stay at home or sign for it.

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Product information

English package | Developed and tested in The Netherlands | Guaranteed result

Do you also want soft feet without ugly calluses and fissures? Have you tried everything? Do it yourself and use these peeling-off foot masks to remove calluses. This foot mask really works for removing your foot calluses.
Are you tired of scrubbing, sanding with painful pumice stones or (dangerous) anti-calluses devices? Or is treatment at the pedicure too expensive? Do it yourself and let nature do her job! These foot masks are worth every penny to remove foot calluses. Soak your feet in a mask and within days the calluses and dead skin will naturally shed away from your feet. Within 7 to 10 days you will have super soft feet that can be seen again.

How it works:
1. Wash your feet and clean them properly.
2. Remove the foot mask from the package and cut along the dotted lines.
3. Put your feet in the masks and pull them tight with the fasteners.
4. Relax and wear the mask around your feet for 60 minutes so the mask can work properly.
5. Remove the mask and rinse your feet with warm water.
6. After 3 days, dead skin cells and calluses will start shedding from your feet.
7. Let the shedding process do its job, take a daily warm foot bath to stimulate the process.

Try it for yourself. Soft feet without calluses are at your fingertips with these foot masks. You’ll be surprised!

Available in 3 different scents: LavenderMint, Avocado and Chamomile. Result is the same for all 3. The Mint variant might give an extra tingling due to the mint ingredient.

Please note There are many variants on the market and 90% of the foot masks on the European market are manufactured very cheaply in China. Safety is not guaranteed and the working substances are questionable. Our product does not come from China and has a safe combination of ingredients that guarantees the quality.

Customer Reviews

4 customer reviews

53 reviews for Foot Masks

Based on 53 reviews
  1. Wally

    Sokken werken echt en werken ook snel en effectief. Na 2 behandelingen zo goed als er vanaf en dat is wat ze beloven.

  2. Grace

    Really good product. I have a very soft feet after using it. I have already ordered 10 products for my family.

  3. Robert

    Na de eerste keer, ging het erg goed. Nu ik de 2de keer het gebruikt hebt, werkte het totaal niet.


      Dat is erg vervelend. Je hebt kort geleden 2 eeltsokken besteld, het is daarom niet aan te raden om ze te snel achter elkaar te gebruiken. Er moet namelijk wel eeltvorming aanwezig zijn om de huidlaag opnieuw te laten vervellen.

  4. Annie Stokman

    geweldig product ik bestel nu voor de 3e keer en bevalt me heel goed, ik zou het aan mijn familie en vrienden aanraden.

  5. Missy

    Eindelijk verlost van mijn eelt, zachte roze voeten voor de sandalen in de zomer. Ik kan niet meer zonder de eeltsokken, wat een geweldig product. Geen pedicure meer nodig.

  6. Arzu

    Super, gelijk na de eerste keer. Zeker een aanrader. Ben er super blij mee.

  7. Gonnie

    Fijn product, werkt echt goed

  8. Giang Selva

    Good products. Highly recommend!
    I really like these products. The dead skins on my feet are totally removed. I like the smell from Lavender best.

  9. annie

    ik had harde eelt met deze sokken heb mooie en zachte voeten, ben zeer tevreden met deze sokken, zal ze zeker aanbevelen aan vrienden en familie. ik net weer besteld

  10. Yvonne

    Alles al geprobeerd, maar dit werkt gewoon, voor het eerst in jaren weer zachte voeten zonder eelt 🙂

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